3-14-24 Adopt Rico

Meet Rico

Meet Rico, a sweet and loyal dog with a heart full of love, who found himself in an unexpected situation. Rico’s older owner, who had been his steadfast companion for years, unfortunately, reached a point where they could no longer provide the care and attention that Rico deserved.

Now, Rico finds himself in foster care, patiently waiting for a forever home to call his own. Despite the sudden change in his life, Rico’s spirit remains resilient. His gentle eyes reflect the years of companionship and love he has to offer.
In foster care, Rico has not only adapted well but has also proven to be incredibly good with other dogs and kids. His friendly disposition extends beyond humans, making him an ideal addition to families with children and other furry friends. Rico’s ability to form connections effortlessly showcases his adaptable nature and reinforces his reputation as a joy to be around.

Caretakers note that Rico’s interactions with children are heartwarming, demonstrating his patience and affection. Whether engaging in play with kids or sharing quiet moments with other dogs, Rico proves to be a social and loving companion.

Rico may not be a young pup anymore, but his loyalty, wisdom, and affectionate nature, coupled with his compatibility with various family dynamics, make him an ideal choice for those seeking a loving and devoted furry friend.

Rico’s story is a testament to the resilience of dogs and the enduring bond they share with their human companions. As he eagerly anticipates a new chapter in his life, Rico’s hopeful eyes convey the anticipation of finding a forever home where he can continue to bring joy and companionship, not just to one, but to an entire family.

Rico is neutered, up to date on all vaccines and microchipped!

Rico is ready to roll to his new family! If you’re interested in adopting Rico please start by filling out an application, Call or text Lauren 517-639-4246.