How You Can Help

How you can help

  • Donate to AABC: Your donation may be tax-deductible! Please check with your financial advisor.
  • Donate for FREE using Good Search:

    Here’s an easy way to raise money for your favorite cause. Just start using Yahoo! powered as your search engine and they’ll donate about a penny to ANIMAL AID OF BRANCH COUNTY¬†every time you do a search!

    Goodsearch: You Search...We Give!

  • Volunteer with AABC: New volunteers are always welcome, especially foster caregivers for the animals. Contact Us Here! or fill out the volunteer form
  • Be a responsible pet owner:
    • Spay/neuter your pet!
    • Make sure that your pets are identified (tags, license, microchip, etc.)!
    • Vaccinate your pet and provide proper medical care!

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